Taffy Coffee Table by Luca Nichetto

Taffy coffee table 1

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Taffy coffee table 1

Italian designer Luca Nichetto has created the Taffy coffee table for Gallotti & Radice.In designer’s words, “Taffy is the English translation of the French term moiré, which denotes a unique graphic effect generated through the interference created by the superimposition of two groups of lines, sometimes curved, sometimes not. The project’s inspiration came from a book illustrating the process of creating the moiré effect that Luca Nichetto flipped through in a Parisian bookshop.

Taffy coffee table 2

The moiré effect is the beating heart of the Taffy collection of tables, which take on a life of their own when they are combined and made to engage synergetically with one another, thereby generating a dynamic effect much like the one characterizing the graphic pattern that inspired them. Taffy comes in three different sizes that are designed to work wonderfully together, but each can also be used independently.”

Photography: Studio F2