Take on Nature Sofa by Gustav Segerstéen

Take on Nature Sofa 1

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Take on Nature Sofa 1

Stockholm-based designer Gustav Segerstéen has designed the “Take on Nature” Sofa. In designer’s words, “Investigating how nature adapts to its surroundings, I set out to explore how furniture would look if it adapted to its surroundings. Since humans are the furniture’s surroundings, I wanted to portray our behavior, wants and needs.

Take on Nature Sofa 2

Based on a classic tale of the human life. How we grow from being alone to finding a partner, and making two lives one, eventually bringing up new life, was something that gave me an interesting approach to base a furniture project on.

Take on Nature Sofa 3

Two chairs grown together to make one, still evolving sofa. The distinctive details are grown after the needs of the people that surround the sofa. When looking at a tree you do not see any growth at that particular moment, just like a photography caught in time, you know the story keeps growing.

Take on Nature Sofa 4

Throughout these five years of University, I had not until now, made a comprehensive furniture project. With this in mind, I wanted to learn how to build and upholster furniture, and give it a personality that fit with my way of designing.

Take on Nature Sofa 5

The sofa is built and upholstered using traditional methods. Wood for the seat frame, legs and support for the back. A steel-wire frame upholds the backrest. Using only natural materials for the upholstery.”

Take on Nature Sofa 6

Take on Nature Sofa 7

Take on Nature Sofa 8

Image Courtesy: Gustav Segerstéen

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