Tettonica Furniture Series by Janina Loeve

Tettonica Furniture Series 1

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Tettonica Furniture Series 1

Dutch designer Janina Loeve has created the Tettonica, a series of furniture designed to bring the landscapes qualities into the interior. The furniture shape was inspired by the tectonic movements of earth layers which shape the natural landscapes. The series is composed of two furniture units; a table and a stool. The furniture collection is currently on display at the Dutch Design Week 2011.

Tettonica Furniture Series 2

Here is a description from the designer, “The table is build using as minimal wood as possible to get a sculptural shape. Three series of rings were milled from one board, like we draw depth and height on a map in lines. Then they are stacked up alternatively to form the volume. The depth created inside stays visible through the glass tabletop, amplifying the spacious feeling the table gives. The stool is hollow on both sides, covered on top with a removable wool felt cushion.”

Tettonica Furniture Series 3

Tettonica Furniture Series 4

Images Via: Moco Loco

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