The Design Bar by Jonas Wagell At Stockholm Furniture Fair

Design Bar By Jonas Wagell at Stockholm Furniture Fair

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Design Bar By Jonas Wagell at Stockholm Furniture Fair

The Design Bar was designed by Jonas Wagell At Stockholm Furniture Fair.

“Trade fairs are temporary constructions quickly built to be torn down shortly after. Instead of creating an installation which attempts to be more than this, the Design Bar of year 2010 aims to embrace the temporary by creating a space which is influenced by stage design and graphics rather than polished architecture. In year 2010 the Design Bar was commissioned to Swedish architect and designer Jonas Wagell who – by small means and measures – created an expressive space with strong character. There were also a VIP lounge which shared the same conceptual idea, but with different look and feel.” – Jonas Wagell.

“”The bar area served light foods and provided a surrounding where you can sit back and enjoy a drink or coffee, while the secluded VIP area would offer an undisturbed seating for meeting and chats. The conceptual theme for the Design Bar and the VIP Lounge was Forest and Industry – a tribute to raw materials, craftsmanship and refinement, which constitute the backbone of the furniture industry. The Design Bar was furnished with new products by Jonas Wagell – The ‘Montmartre’ furniture set from Mitab, ‘Mr Gardner’ outdoor easy chairs from Berga Form and the ‘Cage’ steel baskets and the ‘Odd’ family of pendant lamps, bowls and vases from Hello Industry.” – Jonas Wagell.

The Pictures Of VIP Lounge.

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