The Next Chair by The Design Division

The Next Chair 1

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The Next Chair 1

Shane Talbot, Kieran Choy and Nicholas Kelly of Australian firm The Design Division have created The Next Chair. Here is a description from the designer, “The Next Chair was influenced in equal parts by the summers of my youth spent skateboarding around the beaches of Sydney, and equal parts my professional life, best summarised as long hours seated in an office.

The Next Chair 2

These long hours seated at an office desk has naturally led me to maintain a strong focus on correct ergonomic posture, ensuring that I am both comfortable and properly supported in the office; But at home, I look for ways to sit that don’t instantly invoke muscle-memory of the office, yet, like many Gen-Y professionals, I live in an small apartment with limited space.

The Next Chair 3

The Next Chair aims to solve all of these problems by being an ergonomic, supportive chair that feels just at home next to a couch as it is does a computer desk, and implements a small footprint to minimise the space it absorbs in the room.

The Next Chair 4

The next chair utilises manufacturing techniques often reserved for skateboard production, resulting in a structure that is both light and strong, and easily replicable for mass production.”

The Next Chair 5

The Next Chair 6

The Next Chair 7

The Next Chair 8

The Next Chair 9

The Next Chair 10

Photography: Shane Talbot


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