The Plain Collection by Maarten Baas

The Plain Collection 1

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The Plain Collection 1

Dutch designer Maarten Baas has created The Plain Collection, a furniture series made of clay. The collection is consist of table, chair, armchair and lighting units. According to designer, “In this rudimentary Clay series the finger prints of the hands that squeezed the clay are still visible, making each piece of furniture a unique product. For the restaurant of the Groninger Museum, the material has been developed further in order to make it stronger for public use.

The clay of the Plain Collection, is treated in such way, that the pieces don’t need to be lacquered like the original Clay series. Through a special technique, the material is pigmented in order to create the three different colours of the collection: Black, Red and Natural. All pieces are made by hand, in the workshop of Maarten Baas & Bas den Herder, in The Netherlands.”

The Plain Collection 2

The Plain Collection 3

The Plain Collection 4

The Plain Collection 5

The Plain Collection 6

Image Courtesy: Maarten Baas

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