Desk Design In Tank Collection By Peter Petersen

The Tank Collection By Peter Petersen

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Desk Design In Tank Collection By Peter Petersen

The Tank Collection designed by Peter Petersen and his Danish company Signalement is a sleek and trendy furniture set. The collection made with MDF comes in very attractive colors.

The desk design from the collection radiates lightness and elegancy. The fineness is emphasized by the urgent smoothness which combined with the sturdy materials add strength and weight. Take a look at the desk and you will experience no compromises when it comes to choice of materials, quality and design. The desk is ready to capture offices all around the world.

Tank collection desk Design

Desk Drawer in Tank Collection

The shelves in The Tank Collection have an untraditional design in which functionality and aesthetic create a synthesis. The designer’s goal was to create shelves with a different, sculptural expression – a piece of practical furniture that also makes a contribution to its surroundings. The delightful frame and the spacious, open  compartments provide the shelves with a striking spatiality, depth, and lightness.

Colorful Shelf In Tank collection by Peter Petersen

Tank Collection Shelf

Shelf Design in Tank Collection

Tank Collection Shelf Black And White

The designers’s idea with the wardrobe from The Tank Collection was to create a piece of furniture which demonstrates that a wardrobe can be more and other than simply functional. The wardrobe combines weight and robustness with round, feminine lines that together create a beautifully simple unit. The wardrobe is an attractive, practical solution for companies and private homes alike.

The Tank Collection Wardrobe Design

Wardrobe Tank Collection

Tank collection by Peter Petersen Book Shelf

tank collection book shelf

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