The Zzzen Outdoor Chair By Dutch Design Brand Fousse

Zzzen chair by Dutch designer Fousse

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Zzzen chair by Dutch designer Fousse

The ZzZen designed by Dutch design brand Fousse is a versatile lounge chair without a single straight edge, enabling it to rock back and forth, but also sideways. This fun chair provides optimal comfort while remaining small and nimble. The ZzZen is constructed out of hightech plastics, making it light and suitable for outdoor use. It can be stacked and has a handle for easy storage and transport. The ZzZen adds a playful element to your house, balcony or yard. The chair is designed for perfect ergonomics, stimulating you to keep moving and comfortable for hours on end. Made out of medium densite polyethylene, this chair is weatherproof and lightweight. The chair is available in white and carbon, with ten different colors for the cushions, allowing you to make sparkling, classic or daring combinations.

Zzzen chair by Fousse

Zzzen chair

Zzzen chair by Dutch brand Fousse

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