These amazing Dizzy tables defy the laws of gravity

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The amazing Dizzy tables are the latest creation of the prestigious Swedish firm Karl Andersson & Söner. Their goal is to create furniture with a strong identity and unique character that will outlive passing trends.

Designed by Federico Churba, Dizzy is a set of three side tables in different sizes. The pieces are  comprised of a removable round tray, supported by a white steel structure. But the thing that makes these tables really appealing is the fact that they lean slightly, defying the force of gravity.

The tables convey an amazing optical illusion that offers different impressions depending on the angle from which it is viewed. With pure, geometric lines, these tables fuse simplicity, functionality, and elegance.

hi-macs_pdi338_300ppi hi-macs_bord_dizzy_karl_andersson_soner_1 hi-macs_bord_dizzy_karl_andersson_soner_3 hi-macs_bord_dizzy_karl_andersson_soner_4 hi-macs_bord_dizzy_karl_andersson_soner_vertical_2

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