Thoughtful Shelves by Matt Dennis

Thoughtful Shelves 1

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Thoughtful Shelves 1

North Carolina-based industrial designer Matt Dennis has created the Thoughtful Shelves. The shelves were designed to be a fun and clever way to display books and collectibles. The concept behind the design was to create an idea or conversation that makes for a unique piece of furniture. According to the designer, “The bubble shelves create a focal point for the piece and this allows you to show off the ideas and concepts you love most. Also, the Thoughtful Shelves are a perfect compliment to these ideas, because not only do they showcase your items, but it is an interesting design idea itself.”

Thoughtful Shelves 2

Thoughtful Shelves 3

Thoughtful Shelves 4

Thoughtful Shelves 5

Image Courtesy: Matt Dennis

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