Too Tight Stool by Avihai Shurin

Too Tight Stool 1

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Too Tight Stool 1

Israeli industrial designer Avihai Shurin has created the Too Tight Stool. The stool is inspired by the popular folk tale of Cinderella by Grimm brothers. According to the designer, “Inspired by the story of “Cinderella”, the pillow pushed into the metal frame, and gives it a complete and unique look of a stool. The center button, borrowed from the upholstery world, completes the unique design, and helps the pillow “pretending” that it’s the right one for the metal frame. Just like in the story of Cinderella.”

Too Tight Stool 2

Too Tight Stool 3

Too Tight Stool 4

Too Tight Stool 5

Image Courtesy: Avihai Shurin


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