Totem Stools by Anaesthetic

Totem Stool collection 1

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Totem Stool collection 1

Sydney-based design studio Anaesthetic has created the Totem Stool collection. Each Totem stool features a pyramid shaped indention in sides that allow you to stack one stool into the other. The indention also serves as a storage space for books or magazines. The stools can be filled with sand or water to make them heavy and create a permanent seating option, you can even place LED lights inside to produce a subtle glow.

According to the designer, “They’re great as a stool, but you can also use them as a table, foot rest, book holder and anything your imagination may bring… use ‘em, stack ‘em, love ‘em, Totem.”

Totem Stool collection 2

Totem Stool collection 3

Totem Stool collection 4

Totem Stool collection 5

Image Courtesy: Anaesthetic

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