Unique Combination of Table & Stove Warmpath by Michaël Harboun

Combination of Table and Stove Warmpath 1

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Combination of Table and Stove Warmpath 1

Warmpath is a unique combination of dining table and a stove created by Michaël Harboun. The table has a built-in fireplace which provides a warm feeling on cold winter day. The Corian used to make the table is a good resistant to high temperature. It also cools down the heat to a warm and comfortable level. Unique z-shaped dining chairs complete the set.

Combination of Table and Stove Warmpath 2

In designer’s words, “Warm Path tells the story of two familiar objects, a table and a stove, meeting on a cold winter day. Their dialogue gives shape to an unexpected object. Objects, like chemical elements, all have their respective and unique properties. The table and the stove both have the property of gathering people. Like a chemist who experiments by combining elements, I have been mixing the nature of these two objects to create a new reaction.”

Image Courtesy: Michaël Harboun


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