Vesna Lounge Sofa by Nuvist

Vesna Lounge Sofa 1

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Vesna Lounge Sofa 1

Vesna is a sculptural lounge sofa created by Turkish design firm Nuvist. The sofa features an eye-catching modern curvy form that is suitable for most of the living places including offices, houses, hotels, airports and also open places like, terraces, gardens or beaches. The combined use of high tech materials and classical materials like leather or velvet makes this sofa an embodiment of comfort, pleasure and relaxation.

According to the designer, “Vesna Sofa is designed in order to make you feel snug and comfy and it is practically asking you to take a moment and sit or lie down and feel it. We think that it’s pretty irresistible.”

Vesna Lounge Sofa 2

Vesna Lounge Sofa 3

Vesna Lounge Sofa 4

Vesna Lounge Sofa 5

Vesna Lounge Sofa 6

Vesna Lounge Sofa 7

Vesna Lounge Sofa 8

Image Courtesy: Nuvist

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