Vidje Wooden Lounge Chair by Iris Djupvik

Vidje Wooden Lounge Chair 1

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Vidje Wooden Lounge Chair 1

Vidje is an elegant wooden lounge chair designed by Norwegian designer Iris Djupvik. The seat and backrest of the chair are built from wavy wooden laminates. The light passing through the wavy laminates creates a stunning graphic effect and makes the chair appear visually light. The chair was on display at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011. Following is some information from the designer, “The design of the lounge chair “Vidje” was inspired by crocheted tablecloths and wooden chairs, the idea being that I wanted to investigate the contrasts that arise from the interaction between crocheted tablecloths and wood.

Is it possible to integrate the airiness of crochet and the density of wood? How can one crochet with wood? I also wanted to see how to combine two historical references and to make a new, modern idiom that would visualise contrasts between the feminine and the masculine, light and shade, positive and negative form – and that also focused on shape, dimension, ergonomics and construction, to produce a coherent and well-designed chair for the lounge.

Vidje Wooden Lounge Chair 2

Even though a chair is a 3-dimensional object, it was important to me that it should also function as a spatial element. I have therefore given the lounge chair an extra dimension: when it is lit, it produces a 2-dimensional shadow on the floor, wall or ceiling. “Vidje” interacts with the room it stands in. It is entirely made of laminated material: wood and adhesive. For me, it was important to choose primarily locally available types of wood that are recyclable and environment-friendly.”

Vidje Wooden Lounge Chair 3

Image Via: Designers Saturday

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