Wooden Heap Furniture By Boris Dennler

When you take a look at this pile of wood you’ll surely think that it’s wood stored for winter. But that isn’t exactly firewood but a smartly designed storing solution called the Wooden Heap by Boris Dennler. The Wooden Heap looks like a neatly arranged pile of wood, but that’s just the illusion meant to fool the eye

“The Wooden Heap project wants to invite the public to see beyond appearances. Create the unexpected and the surprise. Remove any traces of furniture which hides inside. It makes reference to the radical designers of the movement of the anti-design of the 70′s. It is also a wink from all the objects since the antiquity that hide their real function: the sham, the misleading appearance, as a hollowed out book hiding a weapon or a tip-up wall looking onto a secret passage.” – Boris Dennler.