Zen1080 Flexible Furniture by Jung Jae Yup Design

Zen1080 Children Furniture 1

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Zen1080 Children Furniture 1

The main problem with the children’s furniture is that most of them are thrown away when children grow up. Korean designer Jung Jae Yup has designed versatile furniture ‘Zen’ which you can use throughout all the stages of your life, from childhood to the adulthood. The furniture design is based on the simple principles of the classic game ‘Jenga’. The word Jenga means build. You can build or adjust the composition and height of your furniture by adding or removing a piece of ‘Zen’, a furniture module.

The furniture is made of stainless steel structure and birch plywood pieces, which gives it strength so it won’t just fall apart like the game. In designer’s words, this furniture bit is made to be a seat for a toddler, a bigger chair for a kid growing up, and a multitude of helpful bits for life!” Check out the pictures.

Zen1080 Children Furniture 2

Zen1080 Children Furniture 3

Zen1080 Children Furniture 4

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