20 Best Gifts for Dad for the Home in 2021

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Dads are always a wildcard when it comes to holiday shopping. Their interests are often niche (1987 Celtics basketball, anyone?), and their needs are somewhat shrouded in mystery. But, despite the ever-expanding holes, the man will not part from his slippers and bathrobe from 1982, and he doesn’t need more stuff — at least, according to him. Not to mention your mother has threatened to set any subsequent Larry Bird memorabilia on fire, and the big guy has enough New Balance sneakers to last the rest of his life. 

If you’re in need of some serious help when it comes to picking out a present for your dad, here are some fail-safe options that can be both useful and great additions to the home. Heck, it might even be something your dad actually enjoys.

 1. Amazon Echo Clock

Echo Wall Clock - see timers at a glance - requires compatible Echo device
Simplicity is one of the most interesting aspects of this clock.

Top Features:

  • Easy-to-read analog display
  • Fast set-up
  • Can provide timers and alarms

There is nothing dads love to harp on more than the good old days and the overuse of new-fangled technology. Don’t even get them started on mobile phones used as alarm clocks. This clock offers an old-school look they may love with beneficial, modern additions. 

The kitchen clock now comes with a voice-controlled timer, keeping the microwave goop-free, or the alarm can be set in the bedroom without fuss or other technology in the way. Sometimes change can be good, and it helps to have a classic look to sneak some technology into Dad’s life. 

View Amazon Echo Clock on Amazon

2. AdHoc Salt and Pepper Mill

AdHoc Twin Salt and Pepper Mill Gift Set - Adjustable Salt & Peppercorn Grinder - Screw-On Lid in...
Perfect for barbecue sessions, this set of mills will serve you right.

Top Features:

  • Corrosion-free ceramic grinder
  • Adjustable from fine to coarse
  • Overhead mill prevents countertop messes

There is nothing better than getting some high-end tools to support delicious meals for a foodie dad. This gift could lead to many tasty returns on your trips back home because nothing tastes better than a warm plate of food made just for you. This chic set will up Dad’s kitchen design game and keep your food wishes granted.  

View AdHoc Salt and Pepper Mill on Amazon

3. Nespresso Vertuo by Breville With Milk Steamer


Top Features:

  • Versatile, unlike a variety of kitchen gadgetry
  • Comes with the aerocchino milk frother
  • Variety of eye-catching colors and finishes

This little machine can offer dads a big step up from the same coffee pot and generic brew he’s been using possibly since the dawn of time. It provides all the panache of a coffee brewed at the corner cafe, with no human interaction or need for shoes that are not slippers. Not only will this coffee be fancy, but it will actually be enjoyable and likely less stringent than his usual cup of bean water. 

This unit is sleek and small, which is wonderful for a countertop that might already be packed with stand mixers, fruit bowls, and clutter. It’s a small factor that can make a big difference in your dad’s day.

View Nespresso Vertuo by Breville With Milk Steamer on Amazon

4. KKSevens Coffee Mug Warmer

Top Features:

  • Three temperature settings 
  • Waterproof with auto-shutoff
  • Compatible with glass, ceramic, metal, and enamel

There is nothing more delightful on a cold winter morning than the first sip of hot coffee. However, since life happens, many of us seldom enjoy more than that heaven-sent first sip. A cold cuppa is not only depressing but not delicious. Dad is far too good of a guy to only get one sip of coffee because he was distracted by the newspaper or, God forbid, work. 

This slim little number plugs into the nearest outlet and can keep a mug at a consistent temperature for at least four hours. With three distinct temperature settings, Dad can choose to have a warm, hot, or lava beverage. It’s great for the office or even the easy chair. 

View KKSevens Coffee Mug Warmer on Amazon

5. Swissmar Lugano 2-quart Fondue Set


Top Features:

  • Enameled cast-iron pot 
  • Three color choices
  • Non-stick materials

Few things say, “I love you very much” better than hot melted cheese on bread. Throw in a healthy dose of nostalgia, and you have a big win. This fondue set boasts nine wooden skewers and a colorful enameled cast-iron pot that is beautiful all on its own. 

Hitting the slopes in St. Moritz and indulging in some apres-ski snacks may not be in the cards this year. However, this pot can give you a taste of the Alps. While cheese and wine are not included with this kit, it offers an excellent excuse for delicious fun, and it looks so good, it might never leave the counter all winter long. 

View Swissmar Lugano 2-quart Fondue Set on Amazon

6. Original Pawley’s Island Hammock

Original Pawleys Island 14OP Deluxe Polyester Rope Hammock
It's perfect for a relaxing day at your backyard.

Top Features:

  • Knot-free construction 
  • 450-pound weight limit
  • Handmade in the Carolinas

If kitchen stuff doesn’t suit your dad at all, how about items for the yard? After a morning of mowing, trimming, and talking shop with the neighbors, Dad has earned himself a nice nap and maybe an iced tea. Taking a load off is easy in this classic hammock, which offers a weight limit that can fit a variety of body types or maybe even more than one person. 

This hammock stretches and flexibly cradles the body. The nickel-free metal hardware will last many seasons in the elements or on a covered porch. The treated wood crossbars are also guaranteed to stay lustrous year after year. It takes a classic to know a classic; this is a thoughtful treat for dads who enjoy the outdoors. 

View Original Pawley’s Island Hammock on Amazon

7. Outdoor Water Fountain with Lion Head Features


Top Features:

  • Durable polyresin material
  • Easy set-up, no extra plumbing
  • Weatherproof

While you may not be able to afford that villa on the Amalfi coast for dear old Dad just yet, this babbling water feature might bridge the gap. If he squints, it’s almost like he’s there. With all the classic styling and none of the fuss, this has Dad written all over it. 

This looks like a fountain in Europe, including the charming lion heads that spout water. Best of all, this fountain is effortless. All you need to do is plug it in and enjoy the relaxing gurgling and bubbling. It’s a beautiful and simple addition to any backyard garden. 

View Outdoor Water Fountain with Lion Head Features on Amazon

8. Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Bed

Top Features:

  • Galvanized metal 
  • Will not rot
  • Easy assembly

There must be some kind of law that states you are not a dad until you grow some backyard tomatoes. The more the garden expands, the older, the dad. It is science. However, keeping a garden should not be more complicated than it needs to be, and a raised bed can make a huge difference.  

The whopping 230 gallon capacity of this bed will provide ample room for garden experiments. Best of all, it will be set for years. When Dad needs to expand his vegetable patch and make room for kale and winter squash, all he needs to do is get another of these raised beds. It could be a welcomed tradition in the making to buy a raised bed at the holidays and expand the garden in the summer. It could be the key to years of safe, fresh produce and memories. 

View Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Bed on Amazon

9. 8-Player Deluxe Croquet Set

8 Player Croquet Set Amish-made in Wood Rack with 32" Handles
Weekends are much more better with a croquet set.

Top Features:

  • Handmade Maplewood
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Durable, colorful plastic polymer balls

Dads are easy to make fun of, but what they really want is very simple — to spend time with their family. What better way than to indulge the family competitive streak than this croquet set? While croquet may seem like a foofoo sport for the faint of heart, it is nothing of the sort. The race through the wickets is nothing short of brutal, and if allowed to knock another player’s ball out of the running, it’s no holds barred. 

This Maplewood set for eight is sure to stay in the family for years. It is hand-hewn by the Amish, which is a surprising score for an online marketplace. The balls are plastic but bright and should last for years of knocking around the yard by mallets.

View 8-Player Deluxe Croquet Set on Amazon

10. Perky-Pet 8-Pound Squirrel-be-Gone II Feeder Home

Top Features:

  • Unique weight-based squirrel-proof ports
  • Charming design
  • Removable roof for easy refills

He might act tough, but even rough and tumble dads cannot resist adorable woodland creatures. Plus, birds offer something fun to do in the backyard during the winter. Best of all, this feeder is designed to keep out those pesky squirrels. Although, that’s not to say those kooky, bushy-tailed rodents won’t try to feast upon the seeds. When a squirrel jumps onto the feeder, his weight will close the ports allowing access for the feed. This means there is more to go around for the finches, cardinals, sparrows, and wrens. 

It is an adorable cabin fitted with a roof that lifts to make refilling with more seed an easy task. It’s a simple, fun backyard addition that will fuel many wintry backyard treks.

View Perky-Pet 8-Pound Squirrel-be-Gone II Feeder Home on Amazon

11. Galanz Vintage Fridge

Top Features:

  • Removable glass shelves
  • Quiet and energy-saving
  • Adjustable thermostat

Does your dad spend most of his time in his garage or man cave? Whether your dad fills his fridge with Miller High Life, local microbrew, or classic Coca-Cola, let him do it in style. This striking refrigerator brings out the fun of mid-Century American automotive culture. It even harkens back to the eccentric colors popular at the time. 

A tempting cherry red or a cheerful robin’s egg blue can match the car or even his favorite color. The fridge also performs at a high-level, meaning it can be used for more than a few cheeky brews. It could even accommodate a Thanksgiving turkey awaiting the fryer. It’s an excellent excuse for an extra fridge. If the kitchen is all brawn, then the beer fridge can be all style.

View Galanz Vintage Fridge on Amazon

12. Workpro Rolling Tool Chest

         Top Features:

  • Rust-proof alloy steel
  • Rollers allow for easy storage
  • Detachable top and bottom components

Having the right organizational tool makes everything easier. There will be no more cursing when your dad can’t find the hammer or the Philipps head screwdriver because everything will be easy to see and organized in drawers that slide open with ease. Gone are the days of the heaped workbench. 

Notably, the top and bottom components come apart so the top can travel on its own as a toolbox, and the bottom can be used as a work surface. It’s a great way to save space and keep the garage tidy. Dad might like his gift so much he brings his toolbox next time you have a home improvement project. 

View Workpro Rolling Tool Chest on Amazon

13. Pillomara Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

Top Features:

  • Unique butterfly shape supports the neck
  • Free from formaldehyde, mercury, and chemicals
  • 5-year guarantee

Your dad will thank you for this pillow when he wakes up without a dreaded kink in his neck. And you’ll rest easy knowing these pillows are safe and will not off-gas dangerous chemicals to your loved ones. It’s even machine washable, which is ideal for keeping it fresh for years to come. 

The unique butterfly shape cradles the head and neck at the correct angle keeping everything aligned and reducing tossing and turning. Enthusiastic reviewers wax poetic about the support, which is firmer than standard foam pillows. It’s ideal for the dad with achy, crunchy joints. 

View Pillomara Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow on Amazon

14. Woolrich Heated Blanket


Top Features:

  • Microplush and sherpa for extra coziness
  • 10-hour auto shut off
  • Flexible wires for added comfort

He may not want to admit it, but your old man is probably cold. This blanket can keep him cozy all night or even during an afternoon nap. Made by heritage work-wear brand Woolrich, this is the heated blanket for tough guys with excellent technical specs to boot. Cutting-edge thin wires have all but eliminated the electromagnetic field issues associated with earlier versions of heated blankets. 

In addition, there is a cozy layer of sherpa over the underside of the blanket and an attractive microplush Berber available in a wide variety of colors for any interior. There is no need for shame in his cuddle game with this excellent blanket.

View Woolrich Heated Blanket on Amazon

15. Carhartt Dog Bed

Top Features:

  • Multiple colors
  • Zipper for easy removal
  • Firm and supportive

Remember that dog your dad didn’t want? Well, they are best friends now. After bonding over their love of cheese, naps, and walks in the woods, they couldn’t be closer. While Dad might want the dog in the bed, Mom will simply not have it, and this is the next best thing. Fido can snooze in comfort right next to the bed, on his own cushion. 

This cushion is fashioned in durable, washable cotton duck and fitted with top-of-the-line YKK zippers that will keep the cover on but allow easy access when it is time for a wash. The bed is supportive and will even keep old, arthritic critters comfy. Best of all, this bed offers a host of attractive options, with various color choices. 

View Carhartt Dog Bed on Amazon

16. Hatch Restore Sunrise Alarm Clock

Hatch Restore 1 (2020 Model)
Sleep starts with putting on your alarm.

Top Features:

  • Comes with a companion app to fine-tune needs
  • Offers access to sleep meditations
  • Plays gentle sounds 

Is your dad’s clock radio as old as you? Is it so old that it doesn’t even automatically adjust for daylight savings? Does it blare a tachycardia-inducing alarm sound? It might be time for an upgrade. 

Instead of blaring jarring noise in the middle of a REM cycle, this alarm slowly brings up the light levels almost like a sunrise, letting the sleeper wake up naturally with less fog. It also offers lights and sounds to help Dad wind down at the end of the day and night light options to make sure he doesn’t trip over the dog or walk into his dresser.

View Hatch Restore Sunrise Alarm Clock on Amazon

17. Safavieh Couture Home Buddy Recliner Chair

Top Features:

  • Crafted with high-end finishes
  • Stylish with a low-profile recliner
  • Fits in smaller spaces

Ready to break the bank for a mind-blowing gift for your dad? A gift list for dads wouldn’t be complete without adding a chair. Al Bundy and Homer Simpson laid a basis for the cultural cliche, but, in reality, the guys in our life really do want a prime place to nap. This chair offers a stylish take on formerly bulky, unsightly recliners. The style of the room will not be eclipsed by a massive monument of male comfort. 

However, that is not to say that this seat is not plush. It is, and it’s even trimmed in genuine leather and brass nailheads, making for a comfortable and attractive heirloom that could last for generations.  

View Safavieh Couture Home Buddy Recliner Chair on Amazon

18. 360 Lighting Store Mid-Century Modern Lamps

Top Features:

  • Durable cast resin base
  • Comes with lampshade
  • Includes two lamps

This lamp set is a marvelous example of an item that looks far more expensive than its price tag reflects. If your dad is a big fan of the clean, rounded lines that mid-century and Scandinavian design offers, then this set should be a big hit. 

You could raid every consignment shop and yard sale in search of the perfect antique to suit your dad’s refined style, but the electrical work may be faulty and unreliable. These lamps look the part but will not burn down the house. They are an outstanding addition to any side table, desk, or console table. With easy double pull chains to turn the lamp on and off, they are a definite win. 

View 360 Lighting Store Mid-Century Modern Lamps on Amazon

 19. Acme Furniture Bishop II Game Table

Top Features:

  • Classic turned wood styling
  • Drawers for storage 
  • Two surfaces available — Backgammon or chess/checkers

This table is available in two finishes — cherry or black — and is sure to go well with various interior design aesthetics. It weighs in at a substantial 58 pounds and offers heirloom level styling. The game table can be a clever place to hold newspapers and beverages when not in use but can also be a center of interaction and competition.  

If Bobby Fisher’s levels of focus are not on the docket for an afternoon spent with Dad, then Backgammon and checkers are feasible options. It’s a piece that adds interest to a room but is sure to start conversations and perhaps even a bit of competition.  

View Acme Furniture Bishop II Game Table on Amazon

20. Catstudio Embroidered Pillow

Catstudio Nantucket Embroidered Decorative Throw Pillow
This decorative pillow can be personalized for your dad.

Top Features:

  • Handmade
  • Can be personalized
  • Fits in with a variety of styles

A Catstudio pillow is sure to hit your Dad right in the awws. These pillows offer a variety of themes, whether they are a home state, hometown, treasured vacation spot, or even an alma mater. They offer a variety of themes allowing you to get just the right option for your dad. If the particular options are not enough, you can even work with local monogram shops to add more personal details like a wedding date or initials. 

Best of all, these items are handmade and hand-drawn by artisans. Nothing makes a gift more meaningful than when you can feel the love stitched into it by another person. It is a fabulous option, especially for a dad you don’t know how to accommodate. A tribute to his childhood trips to Nantucket or his beloved Clemson Tigers is bound to do the trick. For the nostalgic Dad who loves handmade things, this is a thoughtful option.

View Catstudio Embroidered Pillow on Amazon

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