Charming and bright bike café

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Charming and bright bike café

“Movimentocentrale” is a bike café dedicated to cyclists and fans of delicious Sicilian cakes and coffee. The cafe is located in the old center of Syracuse, designed entirely by using bicycle parts and components made of wood, stone and metal.

The love for cycling can be seen in every part of “Movimentocentrale”. The walls are lined with interesting wallpaper that have various structures and parts of bicycles. A driving force in the project by architectural studio “External Reference” was the construction entirely through DIY projects and architects managed to create economical but nice and warm space dominated by the idea of ​​cycling. The interior of the cafe is subtly divided into two zones, a formal part with tables and chairs and the laid-back part with wooden elements that create a more informal atmosphere.

Charming and bright bike café1Charming and bright bike café2Charming and bright bike café3Charming and bright bike café4Charming and bright bike café5Charming and bright bike café6Charming and bright bike café7(Photo Credits: Movimento Centrale)