Cool offices in industrial style

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Cool offices in industrial style

Industrial-style interior is exactly what you expect from a company that specializes in the construction sector. Metal, concrete and all shades of gray dominate the interior of the offices in this construction company in Kiev, Ukraine.

The interior of the company ​​”Office 44″ was created by studio”YØDEZEEN”. The team of designers created an interior that was most appropriate for the space with exposed installation on the ceiling and linoleum floor. In order to skillfully exploit what the space had to offer, the designers decided to create industrial style offices and hence used concrete floors, wall and ceiling surfaces that seamlessly matched with the original features.

“YØDEZEEN” turned the workspace of “Office 44” into both stylish and practical space. The offices are open with the exception of the office for meetings, which is separated and closed in order to provide a private space for important meetings between employees.

Grey tones prevail in the interior, refreshed with white and coral orange, used as an accent for some walls and chairs. All other pieces of furniture, desks and chairs, as well as the lighting are black.

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(Photo Credits: www.yodezeen.com)

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