Former tram depot in Amsterdam turned into a fantastic bar-restaurant

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The colorful Amsterdam is the European center of fantastic interior design. The freedom of spirit that exists in the city is mirrored in its interiors, both private and commercial. One such example is the new entertainment club – Kanarie club located in a former tram depot in the western part of the city.

The old space is now turned into a contemporary space for entertainment, dinners and socialization in a relaxed vintage atmosphere. The space is dominated by furniture with retro style, vivid colors and greenery that give a whole new flair and charm of the place.

The club restaurant was designed by the designers from Studio Modijefsky, who divided the space into smaller parts for eating, drinking, relaxation and even work. The main bar is set on a higher platform in the center of the space and around it there are various zones for entertainment. As a key element in the space, the bar is designed with two large illuminated arcs made of old tram rails that were found in the old warehouse.

Architects retained the industrial atmosphere of the depot with old red brick walls, concrete floors and old iron pillars. In this spirit, it fits the vintage furniture and the wooden benches reminiscent of the old benches in the waiting rooms of railway stations.

The area is particularly pleasant thanks to sizable greens and cheerful colors like yellow, azure blue and green used for separate areas. These cheerful colors are reminiscent of multicolored Amsterdam and numerous summer festivals and their positive atmosphere.

Besides the elements that evoke the adventurous tram journeys, an impressive area is the room that looks like a giant swimming pool. It is painted in dark blue color that creates the effect of diving through the depths of a pool and soft cushions that create unrealistic sense of enjoying beside a pool.

(Photo Credits: Maarten Willemstein)

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