Harmonious Mediterranean House in Ibiza

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The enjoyment in the hot summers amidst the Mediterranean nature is subtly reflected in the interior of the summer house “Little House in Campo” in Ibiza. The architectural studio “Standard Studio”, that designed the interior made a creative mix of the summer freshness through the white walls, with the warmth of the Mediterranean through the bright Mediterranean stone in the kitchen and the wooden beam ceiling.

The interior is nice, creative and minimalist in order to allow greater freedom and enjoyment in the home. The space was repurposed, the house that was formerly used as a granary and barn is now transformed into a modern comfortable home. The old ceiling with wooden beams brings a rustic note in the modern interior, and the old stone wall, which is now part of the new kitchen. In the spirit of keeping the authentic Hispanic architecture, all frames of the windows and balcony doors are made of wood and the walls are made of white stone.

The white walls bring freshness and create a neutral atmosphere that fits the contemporary creative decor. The lamps around the space are contemporary and the furniture is mainly in retro-modern style through variety of Ames chairs.

The space is divided into two levels through simple steps. The bedroom is located on the second floor and has a visual link with the living and dining room. Behind the dining room is a simple kitchen dominated by the rustic stone wall.

But the architects did more than just design the aesthetic appearance. Because the object has long been neglected, a huge part of the structure was rebuilt from scratch, and the challenge was the need to bring water, electricity and introduce adequate sewage system in the house. The water comes from a private well and it has solar panels, so it’s self-sustainable and energy efficient.

Architects from Standard studio aimed and succeeded in creating a modern comfortable home that is a perfect combination of old architecture, modern design and technology. The house is surrounded rich greenery and Mediterranean nature in a calming, zen environment.

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