How to Clean Blinds

How to Clean Blinds

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How to Clean Blinds

While cleaning blinds is a bit of a time-sucker, it’s well worth the work. Once your blinds Calgary are clean, you’ll be amazed at how much more fresh and bright the entire room looks. Make sure to use the correct process for cleaning your blinds – different materials call for different ways of cleaning.

How Often Do Blinds Need to Be Cleaned?

Generally, blinds only need to be cleaned once or twice a year. The more dust that accumulates on them, the more often they should be cleaned. An easy way to go longer in between cleanings is to dust the blinds a few times a week. Also, spot-cleaning dirt and debris every week will give you even more time in between cleanings.

Cleaning Woods Blinds vs. Cleaning Vinyl Blinds

There are different ways to clean different types of blinds. While you can purchase special equipment and supplies, there’s an easier and less expensive way to clean window coverings Calgary.

When cleaning vinyl blinds, close the blinds, take them out of the window, lay them down on a clean sheet outside and then wash them with a combination of warm water and a mild detergent. Once they’re clean, rinse with water and leave them out to dry.

For wooden blinds, start with dusting them (use a feather duster) while they’re still hanging up. Once they’re dusted, close and remove the blinds from the window. Using a damp cloth, wipe off the blinds until they’re completely clean.