New offices of MVRDV in Rotterdam designed as a comfortable family house

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The new offices of the Dutch architectural office “MVRDV” in Rotterdam look like a huge, cozy family house. Fun, creative and colorful, the business premises of the acclaimed Dutch architects are designed and constructed just like a house, with different rooms divided according to different functions and needs of architects.

MVRDV recently moved to a new building due to the growing team of architects and the need for more space for them all. The new facility is located in the center of Rotterdam, and the building is a postwar object that looks like an old warehouse. The combination of the old building with modern interior gives a special charm to these offices, for the 140 architects that not only work there but also socialize, learn and relax.

For the design, architects were careful to match the habits and needs of architects to get comfortable, informal and pleasant working space that will inspire employees and still be sufficiently interesting and attractive for future customers.

Adhering to the principle of designing a family house, the offices conceptually arranged like rooms – living room, dining room and room for relaxation with comfortable sofas. The whole concept promotes cooperation, joint discussion for more efficient operations and better projects. Each room has its own specific color, and the transparent facade makes the building interesting both from the inside and outside. The living room is the dominant space for socialization of the employees, with a comfortable sofa, large dining table where all employees eat together without any divisions.

Next to the living room is the working studio, a place to exchange ideas and work, with transparent walls made of glass covered with interesting drawings and diagrams. Across the working studio there are colorful smaller meeting rooms, each with a special theme and color. Architects have a separate room for drawing, an area for presentations or larger formal meetings, and a small room for relaxation with comfortable chairs for socializing or less formal meetings. There is also a dark, intimate library.

new-offices-of-mvrdv-in-rotterdam-designed-as-a-comfortable-family-house1 new-offices-of-mvrdv-in-rotterdam-designed-as-a-comfortable-family-house2 new-offices-of-mvrdv-in-rotterdam-designed-as-a-comfortable-family-house3 new-offices-of-mvrdv-in-rotterdam-designed-as-a-comfortable-family-house4 new-offices-of-mvrdv-in-rotterdam-designed-as-a-comfortable-family-house5(Photo Credits: Ossip van Duivenbode)

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