Nordic apartment with a distinctive identity

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The combination of sophistication and simplicity that prevails in the Scandinavian interiors makes us constantly fall in love with them. Although each of them retains the main features of this minimalist style, like white walls, light wood flooring, windows without curtains, candles and interesting light and the simple and elegant furniture with the decor and small details make each of these apartments a space with its own special, distinctive character.

In this Scandinavian apartment, apart from the minimalist outlines, designers added fun elements that bring fresh spirit in the rooms, creating a sense of fairy tale in which you need to look for hidden messages, like those of the cushions, inscription above the bed in the bedroom or the board in the kitchen. This is a great way for personalizing the home, which makes it unique.

The application of monochromatic color palette dominates in this typically Nordic space. The lack of warmth and color is complemented by the numerous paintings on the walls and floors throughout the home.

Thanks to the layout and decor the apartment is full of freshness and has a relaxed atmosphere and freedom for private moments for the owners of the home.

nordic-apartment-with-a-distinctive-identity1 nordic-apartment-with-a-distinctive-identity2nordic-apartment-with-a-distinctive-identity3 nordic-apartment-with-a-distinctive-identity4nordic-apartment-with-a-distinctive-identity9 nordic-apartment-with-a-distinctive-identity5 nordic-apartment-with-a-distinctive-identity6 nordic-apartment-with-a-distinctive-identity7 nordic-apartment-with-a-distinctive-identity8nordic-apartment-with-a-distinctive-identity10 nordic-apartment-with-a-distinctive-identity11 nordic-apartment-with-a-distinctive-identity12 nordic-apartment-with-a-distinctive-identity13(Photo Credits: Image Box Studios)

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