Old railway station waiting room transformed into an elegant café

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Designer Daniela Colli worked on transforming an old railway station waiting room in Florence into an elegant and modern café. The space has a relaxing atmosphere and noble, dark green as the dominant color.

The cafe-bakery “VyTA” is located in an old waiting room for the first class train “Santa Maria” in Florence. She kept the details of the Italian architecture of the 30s that are in harmonious relationship with the contemporary elements, design and materials in the cafe. This skilled blend of traditional architecture with modern design gives a refined, luxurious touch to the interior of the café.

The designer used emerald marble for the long dining room table, copper for the walls, decor and lamps, glass for the bar and counter. The combination of materials  together with the old architecture gives this cafe-bakery a unique atmosphere.

Over sales counter that exhibits delicious Italian pastries there is a long and high installation of copper that runs through the entire length. The installation has a geometric pattern with interesting decorative function.

The lighting consists of vintage lamps with warm, discreet light that creates a pleasant environment for guests. The interior gets natural illumination through the high windows of the front door and wall in the cafe.

The space is relaxing and comfortable, elegant and pleasant place to have a breakfast while waiting for the train.

old-railway-station-waiting-room-transformed-into-an-elegant-cafe1 old-railway-station-waiting-room-transformed-into-an-elegant-cafe2 old-railway-station-waiting-room-transformed-into-an-elegant-cafe3 old-railway-station-waiting-room-transformed-into-an-elegant-cafe4(Photo Credits: www.collidaniela.com)

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