Our Legacy Flagship Store by Arrhov Frick

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Our Legacy Flagship Store by Arrhov Frick

Stockholm-based architectural studio Arrhov Frick has designed a flagship store for Swedish clothing brand Our Legacy in Stockholm. The new shop has a very simple and minimalist interiors. According to the designers, “The concept is based on the idea that every space has a set of unique spatial qualities. In order to strengthen these qualities a space is stripped of everything but its essential elements, leaving bare walls, exposed floors and raw ceilings. Additional custom designed furniture’s are then arranged in different configurations to display the collections and to create a customer friendly atmosphere. We imagine the result as an environment of opposites; an extravagant building process suddenly abandoned half way through.

Our Legacy Flagship Store in Stockholm

A wide range of furniture has been developed for different purposes. The individual pieces vary in character but they all share the same basic construction principles. The dimensions of the different pieces correspond to the product that is being displayed. Fluorescent lights in custom made fixtures are suspended from the ceiling, illuminating the store. Mirrors are casually leaning against the walls giving customers glimpses of themselves as they move around the store. The materials used are natural and untreated, stone, wood, glass and steel. Our intention is to create vibrant and engaging stores that reflect the brands interest in materials and artistic expression.”

Our Legacy Flagship Store

Our Legacy Store by Arrhov Frick

Our Legacy Flagship Store Stockholm

Photography: Åke E:son Lindman

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