Playful children’s rooms by Fajno Design

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Playful children's rooms by Fajno Design

Children need space where everything is possible, a corner that mirrors the happiness of children’s play and the infinity of childhood imagination. A key element to create a comfortable place for socialization and play that will encourage the development of children’s creativity and thought lies in the power of limitless imagination. Magical children’s interiors are created at the moment when the designers completely liberate their imagination.

The interiors created by the young Belarusian designers from “Fajno Desgin” seem to set an excellent basis for developing children’s imagination and stories. The rooms with cheerful playful design look like the magical places in the stories. Every room is unique and unusual, yet youthful and cheerful. Designers set a good basis for lively ambience set by placing interesting wallpapers with different themes. The walls of the rooms they design are covered with stars and clouds, leaves and rain drops, yellow, floating elephants and sleeping bears sleeping. The wood prevails in this collection of rooms as a material for furniture, mirrors, hangers, as well as decorative wall paintings and decorations.

Playful children's rooms by Fajno Design1 Playful children's rooms by Fajno Design2 Playful children's rooms by Fajno Design3 Playful children's rooms by Fajno Design4 Playful children's rooms by Fajno Design5Playful children's rooms by Fajno Design6(Photo Credits: www.fajnodesign.by)

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