PUSH Night Club by Lervik Design

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Push Nightclub is the latest design by the founders of such illustrious clubs and restaurants as Hell’s Kitchen, The White Room and Spy Bar. True to form, both the interior and exterior of Push reflect Lervik Design’s dedication to dramatic, bold architecture that’s solidly grounded in a modern sensibility. The focus is a stunning series of contrasting elements as you move through the space, which has become a staple of Gothenburg nightlife.

The nightclub design offers bold white sofas and black tables, soft lights against a stark white stretch of bar festooned with sculpted swags, and the unexpected beauty of an single, enormous mosaic rose on the floor all combine flawlessly to create a dreamlike, moody atmosphere.

The entrance to Push features deep purple and red lighting against strong lines and reflective surfaces, topped off by a surprisingly delicate web of gossamer lighting. Moving through Push, you’ll appreciate the success of Lervik Design’s modern nightclub aesthetic, which successfully sets an intimate mood in a large space by breaking it down into smaller areas that encourage intimacy in a large-scale setting.

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