Small charming apartment for student housing

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Small charming apartment for student housing

Design studio “A Little Design” creatively played with the boundaries of a 22-square meters apartment with the idea of transforming it into a small modern house that will provide comfortable housing for students. This nice little apartment, located in  Taipei, is an example of a compact and convenient student housing in limited space.

The bright home has a practical and creative organized space to exploit every centimeter. The organization of space is vertical, which doubles the size of the apartment, which is used practically. At both levels the 22 square meters contain all necessary elements for a comfortable student life. Although 22 square meters may sound depressing, the design shows that it’s just what you needed for comfortable minimalist housing.

The apartment has white surfaces and wooden elements with natural light shade, which gives an additional visual spaciousness and light. The lower level houses the kitchen, bathroom and small living room with a desk and dining counter, while the second level houses the bedroom with another desk which is set against a black board. The stairs leading to the second level are multi-functional, have a large storage space and practically merge with a large closet and a library with open shelves that can be used to store books and decorative items.

All spaces in the apartment work together and complement each other without being too crowded. What creates harmony, light and pleasant atmosphere is the Scandinavian aesthetic that runs through the entire interior.

Small charming apartment for student housing2 Small charming apartment for student housing1 Small charming apartment for student housing3 Small charming apartment for student housing4(Photo Credits: www.heycheese.com)

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