+ARTESIO Kitchen Design by Poggenpohl

ARTESIO Kitchen Design by Poggenpohl 1

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ARTESIO Kitchen Design by Poggenpohl 1

+ARTESIO Kitchen model designed by Poggenpohl in collaboration with Hamburg-based architect Hadi Teherani, has won the “Best of the Best” Red Dot Award 2011. Following is some information provided by designer, “The kitchen used to be a closed room the housewife prepared meals in behind closed doors. Yet for some years there has been the trend towards keeping this space open. Germany’s premium kitchen manufacturer Poggenpohl has now gone a step further and teamed up with Hamburg star architect Hadi Teherani to develop the new +ARTESIO® kitchen concept that brings together furniture design, wall, floor and ceiling in an architectural melting pot.

ARTESIO Kitchen Design by Poggenpohl 2

The fusion of +ARTESIO® with living space is obvious as first sight. A large open arch extends out into the living space. For the first time, kitchen units are not only mounted on the wall in pre-defined rooms – as in most previous situations – but provide all-embracing design options that also integrate the floor and ceiling. This creates an area for cooking as well as living in.

ARTESIO Kitchen Design by Poggenpohl 3

“We not only develop kitchens but concepts”, stresses Poggenpohl’s Managing Director Elmar Duffner. “Our new +ARTESIO® concept combines kitchen design with room architecture to create new spaces. This way, the kitchen liberates itself from the notion of being an addition. +ARTESIO® fuses walls, floor and ceiling with the kitchen. This has never been seen in this form before.”

ARTESIO Kitchen Design by Poggenpohl 4

As a result, architect and kitchen planner should ideally get together when planning the home and discuss these design possibilities. And because it’s so flexible, the new Poggenpohl kitchen can also be integrated in existing living structures, even creating a relationship in closed kitchen situations with its purist design features.

ARTESIO Kitchen Design by Poggenpohl 5

Poggenpohl developed the kitchen in collaboration with Hamburg star architect Hadi Teherani. He is regarded as one of the most creative minds in the German and international architectural and designer scene. Referring to +ARTESIO® he says: “For me, the kitchen is a living space within the home environment – not a workshop, not a laboratory and certainly not an ancillary room. Only when the drama of cooking begins does the stage come into view. What’s important to me with this kitchen is the whole home, what it’s like to live there.”

ARTESIO Kitchen Design by Poggenpohl 6

And because cooking, living and eating belong together in this concept, Poggenpohl also offers a dining table, matching chairs, a corner bench and as well as a bench in dark pine. They go perfectly with the new kitchen both in terms of design and in relation to the materials used.”

ARTESIO Kitchen Design by Poggenpohl 7

ARTESIO Kitchen Design by Poggenpohl 8

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