Attitude Kitchen by Marc Moreau for Arthur Bonnet

Attitude Kitchen 1

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Attitude Kitchen 1

Designer Marc Moreau has created the Attitude Kitchen for French brand Arthur Bonnet‘s “Signature” line. The kitchen design uses wood in a very modern way which breaks through the urban/rustic and contemporary/traditional divides. According to the designer, “Attitude represents the current desire to “re-connect”. What matters are emotions, a certain respect for life’s essentials and simple pleasures.”

Attitude Kitchen 2

The kitchen is made from bright ash wood which conveys the emotion with its light and vibrant grain pattern and which is also less predictable that more traditional oak wood. The stainless steel glimmer of recessed handles and bases highlight the contrasting materials.

Attitude Kitchen 3

The U-shaped island design divides the space very efficiently with its easily identifiable work areas. The island also provides space for an integrated dining area with a wood and white laminate table extending the worktop.

Attitude Kitchen 4

Attitude Kitchen 5

Attitude Kitchen 6

Attitude Kitchen 7

Attitude Kitchen 8

Image Courtesy: Arthur Bonnet

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