Compact Hyper-Equipped Kitchen K1 by Kitchoo

Super Compact Kitchen

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Super Compact Kitchen

Cuisine K1 is a super-compact kitchen designed by Kitchoo. The footprint and outer dimensions of the kitchen are very small yet it provides all the basic functionalities of a normal kitchen. This minimal kitchen design is an ideal solution for small studio apartments. Flip open the kitchen top and you will find a sink, two induction hot plates and some space for food preparation. There are two drawers on the left side; one for the storage and other for the garbage collection. On the right side there is mini fridge for storing vegetables and food.

Apart from being very functional, the kitchen unit is very stylish too. When you close the kitchen it looks like a normal piece of furniture. You can even use it as a work desk. Take a look at the pictures below.

Compact Kitchen Design Cuisine K1

Small and Compact Kitchen Design

Compact Kitchen design

Compact Kitchen for Studio Apartments

Cuisine K1 Kitchen top

Image Courtesy: Kitchoo