Elegant, Round Kitchen Acropolis by Snaidero

Acropolis Kitchen by Snaidero 1

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Acropolis Kitchen by Snaidero 1

Italian kitchen manufacturer Snaidero has created the Acropolis Kitchen which is designed by Italian automotive design studio Pininfarina. Following is some information by Snaidero, “Acropolis by Pininfarina Design is the kitchen of the future available in a limited collection and signed by the designer himself. With its concentric structure, Acropolis is conceived to be in the center of the room and meet the needs of the person who wants everything around them.

Acropolis Kitchen by Snaidero 2

Through highly advanced engineering, Acropolis brings automotive technology to the kitchen space with a unique aluminum structure which is 40% lighter than standard aluminum. Made with completely recyclable materials, the circular structure hosts many technological features.

Acropolis Kitchen by Snaidero 3

In Acropolis, only what is needed exists as the space is optimized so that every movement is minimized and functionality is enhanced. The kitchen becomes a rounded stage where everything is within reach and where the cook (the “entertainer”) can move around easily and quickly to make his culinary creations while facing his/her “audience” at all times. The concept behind the circular design originated from one of designer Pininfarina’s favorite hobbies, drumming, and his comparison of a drum set to the kitchen.”

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