Microbial Home Probe Concept by Philips Design

Microbial Home Probe concept

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Microbial Home Probe concept

Dutch electronics company Philips has designed the Microbial Home Probe concept. It is a domestic ecosystem that provides alternate solutions to energy, cleaning, food preservation, lighting, human wastes and healthy lifestyle. The Microbial Home Probe is a combination of seven different concepts connected into a cyclical machine where the household wastes like sewage, waste water and vegetable trimmings are filtered, processed and recycled to be used to run other home functions.

Bio-Digester Kitchen Island concept

The central hub of the Microbial Home Probe is the Bio-Digester Kitchen Island concept. It consists of a system that converts wastes into methane gas that is used to power various other functions like lighting in the house.

Bio-Digester Kitchen Island concept

Larder food storage concept 1

The Larder concept acts as the food storage hub or refrigerator of the Microbial Home Probe. It is designed to keep the ‘living food’ fresh by using natural processes. It consists of an evaporative cooler and vegetable storage system built into a dining table.

Larder food storage concept 2

Larder food storage concept 3

Urban Beehive Concept 1

Urban Beehive concept is designed to keep bees at home. Along with providing fresh honey whenever you want, the Urban Beehive also allow us a glimpse into the fascinating world of bees.

Urban Beehive Concept 2

Urban Beehive Concept 3

Bio-Light concept uses different biological technologies to create ambient light effects. The concept uses bio-luminescent bacteria which are fed with methane generated in the Bio-Digester Kitchen Island.

Bio-Light concept

Paternoster is a concept which uses mycelium to break down the plastic wastes.

Paternoster plastic recycle concept

Apothecary acts as medical hub of the Microbial Home Probe. It is designed to monitor health of the inhabitants with a focus on early warning and prevention of disease.

Filtering squatting toilet concept 1

The Filtering Squatting Toilet separates waste and channels excreta to a methane digester in the Microbial Home Probe system.

Filtering squatting toilet concept 2

Image Courtesy: Philips Design


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