Modern German Kitchen Design By Unikat

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The Flying Kitchen by German brand Unikat features an ultra modern design with a touch of natural wood. The center point of the kitchen is a massive wooden island with stainless steel finish. The wooden kitchen island looks like a massive ship taken out of the water and placed on to a ramp.

On one side of the island, there is a concealed stove and on the other side, a sink. It features concealed lights in the front and storage space under the surface. The island can be used as a food preparation area and also as a bar or breakfast table.

Another main attraction of this German kitchen design is the angular wooden stools. They fit perfectly to the flow of the design. The oven is concealed in the tall appliance wall unit, which is placed in the center of the kitchen.

If you are looking for an ultramodern kitchen made with the flavor of natural wood then Flying Kitchen by Unikat is for you.

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