Quadra Kitchen Series by Composit

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Quadra Kitchen series

Italian kitchen brand Composit has designed the Quadra Kitchen series. The kitchen models in the range feature embedded square handles with optional built-in lights. The lights have different tones and they can be controlled by a remote control. The Quadra Kitchen is characterized by simple and linear compositions with full and empty spaces, floor and hanged elements, neutral finishes with vivid colors.

Quadra Italian Kitchen

The empty and full elements, placed horizontal or vertical to the wall create a continuing composition with the living room. The bottom of the square handle is changeable and is available in white, mirror, amanunda or stratos, or mat or glossy lacquered in the same range of color of the doors.

Quadra Kitchen

According to the designer, “Composit continues to look for design and innovation with Quadra model. Its handle is a lighting item, which is hidden to the eyesight but it gives a big subjectivity to the light. The result is a dynamic kitchen, where the finish is mixed to the light, and they are born colours and shapes, which live for themselves and the excitement, that surrounds them.”

Quadra Kitchen design

Quadra Kitchen

Quadra Kitchen with Square Handle

Quadra Kitchen Design

Quadra Kitchen

Quadra Kitchen living room

Quadra Modular Kitchen

Image Courtesy: Composit

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