Sunday Kitchen Rack by Reinhard Dienes

Sunday Kitchen Rack 1

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Sunday Kitchen Rack 1

German designer Reinhard Dienes has designed the Sunday, a modular space-saving rack, which encourages the home growing of herbs and vegetables while inducing the organized storage of edibles as well as kitchen tools and appliances. Following is some description from the designer, “A built-in multi socket-outlet in one of the modules serves as an extension for kitchen appliances, and a fluorescent lamp in the upper canopy serves as the Greenhouse unit.

Sunday Kitchen Rack 2

Its distinctive characteristic is the ability to configure the rack depending on the individual storage and cooking needs by acquiring the different modules separately. A lid guards sensitive edibles against sunlight or dust. The self height adjustment of each module and the ability to place the modules in any desired order, rounds up the versatility of the Kitchen Grocery.”

Sunday Kitchen Rack 3

Sunday Kitchen Rack 4

Sunday Kitchen Rack 5

Designer: Reinhard Dienes

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