The Futuristic Halo Super Flexible Toaster

Halo super flexible toaster 1

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Halo super flexible toaster 1

The Halo super flexible toaster is a conceptual product designed by Burcu Bag, Amalia Monica and Vinay Raj Somashekar for WMF kitchenware. Unlike the conventional toaster, this does not look like a box. To make the toast, fold the toaster over the bread like you would fold a piece of paper or a blanket. Switch it on and the toaster will tell you when the toast is ready by changing color and light indicator. The area of the toaster over the bread lights up blue and starts changing color as the process goes, and when the light turns to red, the toast is ready. After finishing the job, roll up the toaster and tuck it away or you can just hang it on the wall. Check out the pictures of this futuristic kitchenware.

Halo super flexible toaster 2

Halo super flexible toaster 3

Halo super flexible toaster 4

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