Alien Abduction Lamp by Lasse Klein

Alien Abduction Lamp 1

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Alien Abduction Lamp 1

Alien Abduction Lamp, designed by Lasse Klein is a unique lighting unit which is shaped like an alien flying saucer or a UFO. The lamp is based on the plot that an alien race is abduction cows and people. A light source inside the UFO body lights up the windows and the cone shaped glass beam. The glass cone, when lit looks like the beam emerging from the UFO to abduct the people and live stock.

To make this design more authentic, the designer has placed some small dolls inside the glass cone which are hung in such a way that they looks like being abducted by aliens. The glass is frosted to diffuse the light enough to spread it in all directions. Check out the pictures.

Alien Abduction Lamp 2

Alien Abduction Lamp 3

Alien Abduction Lamp 4

Alien Abduction Lamp 5

Alien Abduction Lamp 6