Antithesis Light 1

Antithesis Light by Iva Dinulovic

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Antithesis Light 1

Designer Iva Dinulovic has created the Antithesis Light. It is a floor lamp which uses a counterweight to achieve balance between different positions. According to the designer, “The aim of this light was to achieve equilibrium inside a moving structure. I wanted to use counter balance as a tool in creating two visual aspects of the light; one that is completely static and monumental and the other that reveals very light and elegant movement, that requires minimum force.

The light can change tilting positions up to 45 degrees, can be rotated 360 degrees around and then again be brought back to the entirely upright position. The structure is engineered by hallowing upper portion of the light and counterbalancing it with a lead core, enclosed in the wood.”

Antithesis Light 2

Antithesis Light 3

Image Courtesy: Iva Dinulovic

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