Beam Table Lamp by Christian Vivanco

Beam Table Lamp 1

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Beam Table Lamp 1

Beam is a small table lamp designed by Mexican designer Christian Vivanco which comprises a solid block of pine wood and a thermoformed mma sheet. Following is some information from the designer, “This project came along accidentally after having constant contact with a series of lumberyards in town. There I got the chance to realize how beautiful wood can be against an urban background, planks and beams stacked one above the other, some of them rough and other refined.

Beam Table Lamp 2

Then it struck me, how interesting it could be to give proper respect to the material and its basic physical qualities; weight, texture, appearance, etc.

Beam Table Lamp

From the beginning I intended to apply these features on an object and a context rather foreign: I was intrigued by the possible relationship between a visibly heavy object and something ephemeral and inert as light. How could it work? The interaction was resolved by itself, using the essential intermediaries; just a bulb and a screen, both fitting perfectly into a pre-defined grid. Nothing else.

Beam Table Lamp 4

Beam’s main objective is not only to illuminate a space, but framing the intrinsic value of the selected materials. To achieve this, the lamp should be as close as possible to the person using it. Rounding the edges closest to the user’s hand provide not only direct contact with the wood, but also allows greater mobility of the lamp. The use of intentionally disproportionate screws, add a touch of expression to the lamp’s serene personality.”

Beam Table Lamp 5

Bema Table Lamp 6

Beam Table Lamp 7

Beam Table Lamp 8

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