CMYK Pendant Lamp by Dennis Parren

CMYK LED Pendant Lamp 1

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CMYK LED Pendant Lamp 1

Designer Dennis Parren has created the CMYK Lamp. It is a pendant lamp shaped like a graphic outline that plays with mystery of light and color and casts cyan, magenta and yellow color shadows on the ceiling. In designer’s words, “Colorful mysteries of light: You can’t really say “that chair is red”. Actually, the chair is reflecting red light while absorbing green and blue light. It is the light that colors the world.

This CMYK Lamp plays with the mystery of light and color and projects an elusive network of lines of cyan, magenta and yellow light on the ceiling. Designed not to be understood but to show that light is the only rightful owner of color.”

CMYK LED Pendant Lamp 2

CMYK LED Pendant Lamp 3

CMYK LED Pendant Lamp 4

CMYK LED Pendant Lamp 5

CMYK LED Pendant Lamp 6

Image Courtesy: Dennis Parren