Crimean Pinecone Lamp 1

Crimean Pinecone Lamp by Pavel Eekra

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Crimean Pinecone Lamp 1

Crimean Pinecone Lamp is a wooden pendant light designed by Russian designer Pavel Eekra. In designer’s words, “Crimean pinecone lamp consists of 56 plates and screws, without an internal skeleton due to rounding forms plaques form gaps through which light passes. Boards themselves are also slightly transparent; this creates a particular pattern of light from the outside and downward bright light.”

Crimean Pinecone Lamp 2

Crimean Pinecone Lamp 3

Crimean Pinecone Lamp 4

Crimean Pinecone Lamp 5

Crimean Pinecone Lamp 6

  1. sally says:

    Unfortunately, I have ordered this light from Pavel Eekra, and it has never arrived. I am not alone. There are dozens of very unhappy customers. Please BEWARE. DO NOT ORDER THIS.

  2. John says:

    Agreed. Ordering anything from Pavel Eekra is going to be a nightmare. If you’re brave (and/or dumb) enough to order from him, make sure you do it with a credit card with good fraud protection. You’ll be spending time on the phone with them contesting charges.

    We ordered the Crimean Pine Cone and heard absolutely nothing for months. Then Pavel’s “office” communicated with customers via Facebook. Really? Calls and emails went unanswered. Then emails starting bouncing. Then his website disappeared (since resurrected, but still no communication.)

    Stay way – it’s a scam. Oh, by the way, you can now find knockoffs for a fraction of the price.

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