Disque Pendant Lamp 1

Disque – Simple Pendant Lamp Design

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Disque Pendant Lamp 1

Disque is a unique pendant lamp designed by Dutch designer Marc Th. Van der Voorn. The construction of the lamp is very simple and minimalist with two translucent bowl-shaped discs tied together with nothing but a 65 meter long thin string. No screw or any other types of joints are used in the design which makes it very clean. The string is beautifully wrapped around two discs in very artistic way which gives the Disque its modest look. The large size of the lamp makes it a center of attraction in your interior design. The pendant lamp is made of stainless steel and acrylic. Check out the pictures.

Disque Pendant Lamp 2

Disque Pendant Lamp 3

Disque Pendant Lamp 4