Drop Light by Doolight

Drop Light 1

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Drop Light 1

Korean company Doolight has created the Drop Light. It is a unique lighting concept composed of rechargeable lights made of flexible silicon that can be used to create unique mood lighting. Following is a description from the designers, “The ‘Drop Light’ is cordless, heatless and limitless. It consists of rechargeable lights, or ‘drops’, which can be utilized as individual lamps; therefore, you can locate them anywhere in your home, adjust their intensity and create limitless moods. The ‘Drop Light’ will enrich and enliven your home life.

Drop Light 2

The ‘Drop Light’ can be used anywhere in the home. It will gently brighten the night for your baby or young child, create a romantic mood for you and your partner and protect your family from complete darkness during a blackout.

Drop Light 3

You can turn the light on/off by simply touching the edge of the hanger. If you touch and hold the edge of the hanger, the brightness will increase and decrease in intensity – allowing you to set the mood. When you find the right mood, simply move your hand away and the adjustment will be complete. The power and brightness control interface is identical when the drops are separated from the flower base too.

Drop Light 4

When you move the drop away from the base, the drop continues the light so you can even utilize it as you might a torch. The drops’ battery lasts for up to 10 hours after just a couple of hours of charging, which also makes it useful for overnight use, perhaps one as a night light in your child’s bedroom and the rest as mood lighting at a dinner party that runs late.”

Drop Light 5

Drop Light 6

Image Courtesy: Contemporist