Enchanting Light Forest Lamps

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This enchanting “Light Forest” lightning system has the natural freedom of the vines that creep over the walls and softly take over a space. Its lights extend through the walls and ceiling, crossing the narrow corners, growing where other lights will not go. And much like real plants they are unpredictable, chaotic and free.

“Light Forest” is specially designed lamp, whose dimensions can be adjusted according to the wishes of the customers. The lamp is created by the Dutch designer duo “Ontwerpduo”, that convert awesome ideas into functional designs. Its scalability and variable dimensions make it unique. The lampshades are made of copper, while the body of the lamp, or the branches are made of aluminum and plastic.


enchanting_ontwerpduo_lightforest (3)_82

enchanting_ontwerpduo_lightforest (4)_83

highres_ontwerpduo_lightforest (5)_84