Frame Lamp by Arnaud Lapierre for Triode Design

Frame Table Lamp 1

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Frame Table Lamp 1

Designer Arnaud Lapierre has created the Frame Lamp in collaboration with Paris-based company Triode Design. Following is some information from the designer, “First of all, frame is a scattering effective and functional light rail. It is a clear line volume, almost nothing. Eyes are caught by the drawing of a blank lit. The light is almost mysterious, weightless on a tray blank, which can hold objects. First, “Frame” operates like a painting, a composition, an everyday still life dramatized by the light : an image.

Frame Table Lamp 2

Then came a second removable element: a shade made ​​of asymmetric folds like a suspended curtain. It will cast light in a different way and will give a second graphic vocabulary to the object : it will transform a mysterious light in contrast display then play with the reflective properties of the material.”

Image Courtesy: Triode Design