Host Lamp with Humidifier

Host Lamp – Light With Built-In Humidifier

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Host Lamp with Humidifier

The Host Lamp is a unique light designed by Minsung Bae which works as humidifier using the waste heat emitting from the lamp. In designer’s words, “A lamp is one of the most familiar and useful products illuminating our room. However, the lamp emits a great amount of waste heat to make light, up to 95% of all its energy. The humidifier is a guest appliance getting its energy from the heat waste from its Host, the lamp. The humidifier would prevent the air in the room from dying up, attaching to its host.

Host Lamp with built-in humidifier

When the lamp is turned on, TGMs, which is placed between the water and the aluminum heat sink, produce 2.4 voltage by the temperature difference between those. The voltage charges the humidifier working by AA cell battery. After all, the humidifier starts to work with the charged battery.” The TGM creates a voltage when there is a different temperature on each of its sides by ‘Seebeck effect’.

Host Lamp

Host Lamp with humidifier