Light Pillow by Linas Kutavicius

Light Pillow By Linas Kutavicius For Contraforma

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Light Pillow by Linas Kutavicius

Light Pillow is a versatile pillow with built-in lamp designed by Linas Kutavicius For Contraforma. In designer’s words, “The light is always associated with warmth and softness. That’s because the idea to make light cover from fabric and also give it a shape of a pillow was transformed into the light PILLOW. The light can be placed on the floor, hanged on the wall or used as a chandelier. Surprising shape with the light inside makes it different from other lamps. The light cover is removable, so it is easy to wash it.”

Light Pillow

Light Pillow 1

Light Pillow 2

Light pillow 4

Light Pillow By Linas Kutavicius

Light Pillow 5

Light Pillow With Built-in lamp

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